Brief CV

Professional Career

Apostolos Vantarakis is Professor of Public Health at the Laboratory of Hygiene, Department of Medicine, University of Patras since 2017. He was elected as Assistant Professor in the same laboratory in 2008. He was Assistant Professor at the Laboratory of Hygiene and Environmental Protection at the Department of Medicine of the Democritus University of Thrace, Greece for 4 years (2004-2008). He was a technical Inspector at the Unified Food Control Agency, Ministry of Rural Development, Head of the Laboratory Controls & Measurements department (2002-2004). He was a Technical Inspector at the Center for the Prevention of Occupational Risks/Labor Inspection of Western Greece in matters of Health & Safety of workers (2000-2002). He was a postdoctoral researcher at the Hygiene Laboratory, Department of Medicine, University of Patras (1998-2008).


He received his BA in Biology in 1990 from the University of Patras, Greece, his M.Sc. in 1991 in Genetic Toxicology from the University College of Swansea, Wales, U.K, and a PhD in 1998 in Sanitary-Environmental Microbiology from the University of Patras.

Research project

He has supervised over 25 European programs (European Union, FP7, Erasmus, Interreg etc.) and has/had the scientific responsibility for over 85 research programs (Ministry, PEP, Prefectures, Municipalities). His research subject is Hygiene-Public Health and Environment.
Since May 2008, under his scientific responsibility, analyzes of drinking water, bottled water, food and waste water have been carried out for the control of their microbiological and chemical quality as well as the risk assessment for Public Health in the context of the activities of the Hygiene Laboratory at the University of Patras. To date, more than 15,000 environmental analyzes of water and food, air, soil, and surfaces have been carried out under his scientific responsibility. He is the Quality Manager of the accredited laboratory (A.P. 550-5). In addition, he is the Technical Manager for the accredited Microbiological and Molecular virological tests of the Hygiene Laboratory.
He was a representative of ELOT in the Technical Committee CEN/TAG4/WG6 on issues of standardization of molecular techniques for the detection of viruses in food. He was an expert of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food at meetings organized by the European Union and CEFAS on virological control and general shellfish hygiene.
He has supervised 12 doctoral theses scientific supervisor (2 in English) and over 80 diploma theses (at postgraduate level) and 50 diploma theses (at undergraduate level).
He has supervised research work on issues of sensitive social groups (e.g. immigrants, Roma, etc.) in matters of environmental impact.

Author’s work

He has published:

  • 135 research papers in foreign language journals (after review)
  • Epidemiology 6th, 5th, and 4th edition, L. Gordis, Saunders, Elsevier, Translation-Editor: A. Vantarakis. Gotsis Publications
  • Jekel’s Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Preventive Medicine and Public Health, 2nd English/1st Greek edition Ed. Gotsis, Translation-Editor: A. Vantarakis, M. Leotsinidis, E. Sazakli
  • Contemporary Epidemiology 4th American-1st Greek edition Publisher: Utopia, Translation-Editor: A. Vantarakis, M. Leotsinidis, E. Sazakli et al.
  • “Public Health for Children”, illustrated book for Kindergarten-Primary students
  • Environmental Health, Mayo Clinic Preventive Medicine, and Public Health, pp. 225-252, A. Vantarakis, M. Leotsinidis
  • Global Water Pathogen Project, Part three. SPECIFIC EXCRETED PATHOGENS: ENVIRONMENTAL AND EPIDEMIOLOGY ASPECTS, SECTION I. VIRUSES, Adenoviruses, A.Allard & A.Vantarakis Published on: April 5, 2017, 4:34 URL: booktree
  • 4 Greek Books (4 participation in chapters),
  • 8 Educational notes for undergraduate and postgraduate students,
  • 12 research papers in Greek journals (after review),
  • >150 articles in Greek magazines/newspapers (without judgment).

He is a member of 10 scientific societies and Associate Editor (Assoc. Editor) in the journals Water Science Technology & Water Safety, Advances in Public Health as well as a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Food & Environmental Virology, Journal of Diseases and Global Health, Advances in Public Health and reviewer for Virology Journal, Journal of Virological Methods, Environmental Research and Hygiene, International Public Health Journal.

Educational work

  • Director of PGC in Public Health, Medical School, University of Patras.
  • Director of PSG in Epidemiology of Open University
  • Teaching in 4 Postgraduate courses
  • Teaching in Undergraduate Level 4 modules (Hygiene, Health Promotion, Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology, Bioethics
  • 4 seminars in KEDIVIM of University of Patras (Health promotion, Bioethics, Risk Assessment, Environmental Health)


He has organized 6 foreign and 25 Greek conferences/workshops, has published over 100 announcements in proceedings of international conferences, 70 announcements in proceedings of Greek conferences, 20 speeches as an invited guest at international conferences and over 50 lectures/introductions at Greek conferences and workshops

Managerial Work

  • Director of the Department of Clinical Laboratories. of Medicine, University of Patras
  • President of the Panhellenic Union of Bioscientists since 2018
  • Chairman of the Service Provision Committee of the University of Patras
  • Vice-Chairman of the Social Welfare Committee of the University of Patras
  • Member of the Bioethics Committee of the University of Patras
  • Member of the Health and Safety Coordinating Committee of the University of Patras during the years 2009-present.
  • Member of the Board of the Lifelong Learning Center of the University of Patras
  • Member of the Water Quality Committee of the University of Patras
  • Member of the Library and e-class Committee of the Department of Medicine, since 2012
  • Representative of the Medical schools in the National Committee of Public Health of the Ministry. Health. He is President of the Panhellenic Union of Bioscientists.
  • President of the Sports Committee of the University of Patras, in the academic years 2014-2017 and Member of the Water Committee of the University of Patras from 2014 until today.

Detailed Curriculum Vitae